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My name is Van Stephens and I’m a computer tech. I get asked questions all the time about computers, so I decided to create a website to answer the most-asked questions. This site is maintained entirely by donations. If you would like to make a donation please contact me. If you have any questions about computers or comments you would like to make, please write me at: I’ll respond to your questions as soon as I can. Meahwhile, read the posts on this site and let me know what you think. Thank you for visiting, Van Stephens

How to Create a Strong Password

A few years back, a password was a foreign idea to online Internet users. It is not anymore for the reason that the password has become the master-key to the digital age. And now, it is not possible to access personal online data without a password. Additionally, online shopping online social interaction and online banking are all but impossible without one. So what actually is the essence of password? It identifies an account user. The password also gives access to either controlled or restricted resources. The rising sensitivity and nature of personal data means that it is also no longer enough to have a just an easy password. One needs a powerful identity. A powerful identity is needed because whether one likes it or not, hackers are everywhere, and somebody somewhere is, unluckily, interested in other people’s personal data. Read the full article

How to Remove Viruses and Malware

Viruses, malware and spyware have one particular thing in common. They very simply slow down your PC, steal vital data, and corrupt important files. There are many other inappropriate and unsuitable things that they are capable of doing. It is a well-known fact that not all viruses are created in an equal manner and there are some viruses that are difficult to delete when compared to the others. With the big amount of private and sensitive information being transmitted and stored online every day such as bank accounts, passwords and credit card numbers, it is important that everyone knows how to save their PC systems from the huge variety of bad virus on the web. I you live where I live in Tucson, AZ, and are having trouble removing viruses or malware, contact Top Computer Docs Tucson. If you live in Phoenix contact Top Computer Docs Phoenix. Read the full article

How To Eliminate Email Spam

If your email inbox is flooded with spam mail, you have more choices than just hitting the delete key. Whether you simply want to decrease the clutter in your email inbox or you are worried about the security of your hardware and information, here are the best tips to decrease the spam you get: Use a personal Antispam program There are lots of antispam products that are on the market. Some are built into online security suites with names like McAfee and Norton. There are also free products accessible such as Cactus spam filter. Save your email address Ensure that your email addresses are not able to be seen anywhere on the web. There are PC programs that search the internet for email IDs to include in their spam databases. Read the full article

How to Back Up Your Data Files

As of today, there are thousands of information and data files lost every day. The reason for this is because people pay little or no focus at all to data storage and backup. Information and data lost means assets or money lost. If you feel that your data is vital, why not back it up? In order to perform this, must how to backup your data files the correct way. First, you must know what kind of information or data needs backup. Whether the information or data consists of important documents, pictures, customer or client databases, employee records or financial records, you must be able to pinpoint which among these kinds of information or data you need to back up. Read the full article Copyright 2010 Computer Advisor, All Rights Reserved Home    |   Contact Me    |    Privacy Policy    |    Terms And Conditions 
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