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How to Back Up Your Data Files

As of today, there are thousands of information and data files lost every day. The reason for this is because people pay little or no focus at all to data storage and backup. Information and data lost means assets or money lost. If you feel that your data is vital, why not back it up? In order to perform this, must how to backup your data files the correct way. First, you must know what kind of information or data needs backup. Whether the information or data consists of important documents, pictures, customer or client databases, employee records or financial records, you must be able to pinpoint which among these kinds of information or data you need to back up. Rank these kinds of information files or data on a scale of one to ten, with one being the highest, create your rankings accordingly. Select the rankings based on which is the propriety information and data to be backed up. Secondly, you must know what type of data backup media you will be using. The different kinds of data backup accessible today are writing your files to rewritable DVDs or CDs, saving these files in removable USB hard-disk drives and uploading your files to a remotely or internet based file hosting server. Whatever your choice among these kinds of data backup may be, the vital factors are the effectiveness and cost of your selected backup. If you have a small-scale business, then backup using DVDs or CDs is more efficient because you have a restricted amount of data to backup. If you have a big enterprise, then using an internet files hosting server for data backup is economical since you have big volumes of data. Thirdly, you need to know the level of access to the information or data that you will be backing up. You must have first-hand knowledge of the different security concerns and requisites regarding your selected backup technique. Also, you must make sure that your information or data backup has one hundred percent file accuracy. If it is less than hundred percent then you may want to reconsider, especially if the information or data is vital. Another thing you must make certain is the safety of your backup against illegal personnel that may access it. Create a password and use different encryption instruments in order to ensure your information or data stays safe from hackers and other thieves. Forth, you must schedule of your backups. Plan on whether you need to backup your information or data weekly, monthly, every twelve hours, every six hours or every hour. This generally depends on the amount of new information or data recorded from the time of the last backup. Finally, the most vital step on how to backup data is not forgetting to do daily backups personally or manually. Whether your system mechanically backs your data on an hourly or daily basis make it a point to back all your information or data personally. This will make sure that you have at least one perfect backup if ever your backup system fails to back up your data even if it is scheduled to perform so. Copyright 2010 Computer Advisor, All Rights Reserved Home    |   Contact Me    |    Privacy Policy    |    Terms And Conditions 
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