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How to Create a Strong Password

A few years back, a password was a foreign idea to online Internet users. It is not anymore for the reason that the password has become the master-key to the digital age. And now, it is not possible to access personal online data without a password. Additionally, online shopping online social interaction and online banking are all but impossible without one. So what actually is the essence of password? It identifies an account user. The password also gives access to either controlled or restricted resources. The rising sensitivity and nature of personal data means that it is also no longer enough to have a just an easy password. One needs a powerful identity. A powerful identity is needed because whether one likes it or not, hackers are everywhere, and somebody somewhere is, unluckily, interested in other people’s personal data. So what is a strong password? A strong password is one that would be hard to hack. It is one that has not been used. A powerful password is one that is used on only a single account. There is no room for using single password for all IDs because when a hacker cracks into one of those accounts, that person will have mechanical access to all of the other accounts. Six features of a strong password A powerful identity, therefore, would mean that certain principles are followed. So here are six things to consider when making one. A strong password must contain: Special characters Have a mixture of lower and upper cases Not to be found in the dictionary Not contain information such as postcode, username, and anniversary dates etc. Not be less than eight characters Be different from previous passwords How to make a strong password The best way to make a powerful password that would also keep the bad guys away, for example, is to break up a word into 2 parts then include some other characters as seen in the following example. Here, we take the primary half of the word “London” away, and change the rest of it with a few characters to make this password: doN*! 2yxy. Just taking away a few letters in the word London, the N letter is now in upper case. Make it longer One of the specs of a strong password is that it is at least eight characters in length and it should be a mixture of mixed-case letters with the addition of punctuation and numbers. Reject the obvious Don’t make the error of making passwords that are based on personal detail, your login ID, or are easy to locate or guess. Song lyrics Think of a favorite poem, book, or lyric. The harder to understand your choice, the better. Next, make a password from a mixture such as the 1st letter of each word of the phrase. Some online theft dictionaries have general phrases and songs built-in, and so you will want to make your password stronger by adding in other characters. Lastly, the best way to keep bad guys far away from a personal ID is to frequently replace passwords. Copyright 2010 Computer Advisor, All Rights Reserved Home    |   Contact Me    |    Privacy Policy    |    Terms And Conditions 
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