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How to Eliminate Email Spam

If your email inbox is flooded with spam mail, you have more choices than just hitting the delete key. Whether you simply want to decrease the clutter in your email inbox or you are worried about the security of your hardware and information, here are the best tips to decrease the spam you get: Use a personal Antispam program There are lots of antispam products that are on the market. Some are built into online security suites with names like McAfee and Norton. There are also free products accessible such as Cactus spam filter. Save your email address Ensure that your email addresses are not able to be seen anywhere on the web. There are PC programs that search the internet for email IDs to include in their spam databases. Use a contact from on webpages for people to get in touch. Blacklist obvious spammers Blacklists permanently block emails from selected servers or senders. Some email programs use blacklists already, but you can find lists that will include other domains that are known to produce spam. Once you blacklist a server, domain or sender, those senders simply cannot contact you. Unsubscribe links They work only for highly reputable firms, however. Here is a helpful tip: when you follow the unsubscribe link, ensure you unsubscribe from all emails you want to block. It is not uncommon for folks to click on the link and then have to take a further step or 2 to actually completely unsubscribe. Use an email host with Antispam filters Some email hosts have antispam feature built into their system. This will stop a lot of spam before it even reaches you. Use disposable email addresses You should have one vital email address that you use only for emailing with close friends. Some providers will then permit you to have a number of disposable email addresses that forward all email to your email IDs. You then just give out your disposable email ID online. For example, you make an internet purchase using a disposable email address. A couple of months later you begin getting spam sent to that email address. You can then stop using that address and begin using another disposable one. Sign up for Gmail Gmail works on your behalf to decrease the unwanted email that emerges in your inbox by identifying prolific producers of spam and sending messages from those producers directly to your spam folder. Search engine monster recently added a “Promotions” folder to Gmail that filters alerts that are clearly advertisements. Gmail also provides businesses the capability to use the Gmail service with the business own domain name, so Gmail’s efficient spam filters are accessible for both personal and business accounts. Report spam If you have Gmail, spend the few seconds that it takes to report a spam alert, Gmail will work to address the issue behind the scenes. Consider it community service – you are spending a little bit of time to make the Internet a better place. Never reply to a spammer If you do get spam, do not reply to it. This will just confirm that the email ID is live and will increase the spam being sent to you. Copyright 2010 Computer Advisor, All Rights Reserved Home    |   Contact Me    |    Privacy Policy    |    Terms And Conditions 
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